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Thank you so much for the great massage. MY foot honestly feels so much better & the strapping is also helping. I should have come by sooner!


Desmond Veeran

“Just want to say thank you for the amazing massage! My headache has disappeared and I had no back pain at my gig last night…feel amazing this morning!”

Kate Moore


“I suffered a stroke after having a brain tumor removed in December 2015. This resulted in left hemiplegia. I had significant spasticity in my left arm with a subluxed left shoulder. Since joining the Body Innovation ‘family’, I’ve achieved so much! To only mention 3 of my biggest accomplishments:

  • within a few weeks of working hard on my hand and arm exercises with Kim, I managed to fasten my own shoe laces
  • after a few months of balance excises, I could take my 7 year old daughter’s hand and walk on the beach and feel the ocean waves run over my feet
  • within 9 months, I could change my car’s gears which enabled me to pass my on road driving test! I am now allowed to drive!

I want to express my profound gratitude to Kim and Nicola, with their dedication and passion they gave me my life back!

Thank YOU”


Martie Bezuidenhoudt

Powerful Transformation Client

Roche van Rensburg
Roche van Rensburg
07:42 10 May 17
Body Innovation rocks! They have taken my training to a whole new level with the Triad program. The days of boring gym work is finally over! Group classes offer individual attention. Great atmosphere with experienced and knowledgeable trainers.
Shinobi Scheffer
Shinobi Scheffer
18:32 08 May 17
5 Stars! Body Innovation's programs and instructors gives you the means and motivation to reach your fitness goals. Triads are by far the best fitness and strength program I've come across.
Melissa Van Der Merwe
Melissa Van Der Merwe
18:36 08 May 17
Love the booty barre and pilates classes. Dedicated trainers are sure the make the sessions tough but enjoyable. Kim, Nicola and Candice know their clients (and their aches and pains) well and are always willing to tailor the movements to prevent (further) injuries and to strenghten problematic weak muscles. At Body Innovation we work hard to be stronger so that we can play harder.
Celecia Muller
Celecia Muller
18:24 08 May 17
Despite the "terror bands" I LOVE IT!!! Feeling much better again and the trainers are just super!
Riette Theron
Riette Theron
14:03 09 May 17
Excellent, as usual!
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