I’ve always loved the idea of running and really want to have an appetite for it, not a marathon, just 5km at a decent speed. I don’t need to be the next “Speedy Gonzales”, but to run from start to finish, and actually enjoy it!

Run 5km in 21-sessions!

Whatever your reason or fitness level, you can join our 5km Run Challenge!

  • You will receive a progressive running schedule consisting of 21-sessions.
  • Be part of a closed Facebook group where you can send questions to our team of experts and get great tips and suggestions to help you succeed

Sounds fantastic?

  • The group will be open for 3 months.

*participation is voluntary and at your own risk, you should receive clearance from a medical physician before commencing any form of exercise, especially if you have personal or family history of conditions or injuries that may prevent you from exercising.

Join our Facebook group for regular updates on keeping up with this challenge!

Complete the form and let’s get started.

This Challenge opens on the 1st of April 2018!


21 Sessions to 5km Challenge
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