We take an individual approach to exercise prescription and provide programmes that meet the specific needs of each client.

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Specialized Training

We focus on Biokinetics to enhance our clients life through rehabilitative movement designed specifically to each individual’s needs. It consists of one-on-one exercise programme prescription, aimed at the following areas of treatment:  

Orthopaedic injury treatment

Cardiac rehabilitation

Management of chronic diseases

Health promotion and wellness

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5 Stars! Body Innovation’s programs and instructors gives you the means and motivation to reach your fitness goals

- Shinobi Sheffer

Dedicated trainers are sure to make the sessions tough but enjoyable. Kim, Nicola and Candice know their clients (and their aches and pains) well and are always willing to tailor the movements to prevent (further) injuries and to strenghten problematic weak muscles.

- Melissa van der Merwe

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