Don’t hibernate

Wake-Up for Winter!


Join our Wake up for Winter Challenge

4 Weeks to Feel energised and improve that summer body

Wanna finally get the energy to chase those kiddos all over town AND maybe, just maybe do it in those skinny jeans you’ve been staring at for the last six months?

Thought so…..

Get started during our 4 Week Wake up for Winter Challenge.

  • 4 Weeks of either private or group training value R690 classes and between R3120 – R3960 for private sessions
  • Private WhatsApp Group for regular motivation & support, great nutritional and training tips, recipes and for all your questions
  • 2 x 30min Massages value R580
  • Pre and Post assessment based on your specific goals value between R600 and R1025

Winners gets the same training sessions FREE for the next month, that’s right, one months FREE training, and there will be one winner from each category!

  • Value for classes is R1870 – get it now for just R950
  • Value for private pilates R4300 – get it now for just R2150
  • Value for private biokinetic training R5565 – get it now for just R2790

Challenge Starts 27th May!

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