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Reasons to start conquering Calisthenics


We’ve launched our very own “compilation” of a variety of training methods and called it Triad Calisthenics. Based on the principles of calisthenics (not to be confused with callanetics) combined with our experience of the best strength and fitness exercises. This is high intensity and not for the faint hearted!


Triad-101 uses the same calisthenics principles as the Triad Calisthenics class, but applies it for beginners just starting out with functional training. This bodyweight and circuit orientated workout centers around strength-stability-fitness, with exercises that are easily adapted to meet your specific activity level and allows for individual growth and progress. The class consists of 2 progression exercises, followed by a timed circuit, some cardio fitness and finished off with a stretch. Triad-101 was designed specifically to give our clients a workout that is functional, gets your heart rate up and improves your whole-body strength.

You’ll Burn more calories…

There’s nothing wrong with seated preacher curls or leg extensions, but neither required a huge amount of energy or encourage the muscles and joints to work cohesively.  In contrast, a ring or bar muscle-up, hanging leg raise, or handstand shoulder press each require all the muscles in the body to work together.  That takes more enrgy and causes you to burn more fuel during and after workouts.  This isn’t to say you should bid farewell to isolation exercises – as the Handbook of Sports MEdicine and Science says, “An increase in skill difficulty corresponds to the demand for highter mechanical energy.” Bodyweight training is great for getting lean.

Calisthenics provide varied training stimuli

Renowned Soviet athletics coach Yuri Verkoshansky encourage the use of his volume / intensity chart to indicate the best load and rep range for achieving a particular training goal.  It was designed with Olympic weightlifters in mind, but the principles apply to any kind of resistance training. In essence, the chart balanced the difficulty or relative ‘weight’ of a mover against the number of reps in a given workout.  For instance, ring dips are an advanced movement – most beginner athletes can’t get more than five reps.  Therefore, they’re a strength / power exercise and should be done first in a workout, when you’re fresh.

You’ll carve a stronger core

Decent core strenth is required to perform just aout any bodyweight exercise.  You can probably do a heavy leg press with a relaxed core, but a single-leg pistol squat?  Not a chance.  So you can imagine how much stronger your abs and lower back will get with a regimen of calisthenics.  Researchers tested the activity of the upper lumbar, lumbosacral erector spinae, and lower abdominal muscles.  They fond that ‘the most effective means for trun strengthening should involve back or abdominal exercises with unstable bases.’  Unilateral resistance exercises (such as lunges, one-arm pushups) were also found to effectively strengthen the trunk.

You’ll build muscle, fast

Researchers discovered how effective calisthenic training was after analyzing what tupe of rep range, volume, and intensity builds the most muscle.  They concluded that lifting a moderately heavy weight-approximately 60-75% of your one-rep max and working to failure produced the best results for pure muscle growth. Nearly all bodyweight training falls into that category-submaximal efforts repeated for moderate to high reps.  And look at some of bodyweight training’s most outstanding proponents:  Despite training for functionalty, gymnasts boast arguably the most aesthetically impressive physiques on the planet.

Reasons to start conquering Calisthenics

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