Sports & Deep Tissue Massage

Relase tight muscles and break down adhesions in the bodyi’s tissue with a massage not only geared towrds athletes but also for office workers with neck and back tension.

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Sports massage isn’t just for athletes!

Sports Massage is a deep tissue massage to relieve severe tension in muscle and connective tissue.

Not only geared towards athletes but also for office workers with neck and back tension, we do sport massage & deep tissue massages to relieve severe tension in muscle and connective tissue.

We utilize a number of techniques including mobilization, trigger point therapy and myofascial release as well as stretch therapy.

Also with a strong focus on increasing recovery and preventing injury.

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BODYI Group classes


Tailored Pilates programs incorporating a variety of apparatus to suit your individual  requirements

TRIAD Calisthenics

Our very own “compilation” of a variety of training methods based on the principles of calisthenics.


Fun, energetic classes that fuse techniques from Dance, Pilates, and Yoga for a full body workout.


A lighter form of our TRIAD Calisthenics specifically designed for the beginner TRIAD athlete.

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Gary Miller

Gary Miller


Nicola Macleod

Nicola Macleod


what our clients say

“I suffered a stroke after having a brain tumor removed in December 2015. This resulted in left hemiplegia. I had significant spasticity in my left arm with a subluxed left shoulder. Since joining the Body Innovation ‘family’, I’ve achieved so much!

To only mention 3 of my biggest accomplishments:

  • Within a few weeks of working hard on my hand and arm exercises with Kim, I managed to fasten my own shoe laces
  • after a few months of balance excises, I could take my 7 year old daughter’s hand and walk on the beach and feel the ocean waves run over my feet
  • within 9 months, I could change my car’s gears which enabled me to pass my on road driving test! I am now allowed to drive!

I want to express my profound gratitude to Kim and Nicola, with their dedication and passion they gave me my life back!

Thank YOU”

Martie Bezuidenhout


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Get in touch with one of our Bio’s that will workout a  Rehabilitation program specific to your particular injury or condition, that’s uniquely created around your history and circumstances. This process is decided upon after the initial assessment.

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