It is so easy to come up with an excuse to not go ahead with a planned workout or group class. ‘I’ve had a long day at work’ is usually at the top of the list of those excuses, but we want to give you some tips that will help motivate yourself to stick to your plans and dont give in.

Keep a set of Workout clothes at the Office, and Change Before You Leave for the Day

Once you’re all dressed and ready for your workout, you will be more likely to actually stop by on your way home.

It does a couple things for your brain. One, it puts you in workout mode just by having your workout clothing on, which will make it more likely that you will workout instead of just going straight home. Also, if your coworkers see you in your workout atire, you will be less likely to blow off your workout because you would have to admit to everyone that you skipped your workout!


Eat the Right Food All Day Long

A smart breakfast is key! Start your day health with a little protein, a piece of fruit or a vegetable, and make sure to have some complex carbs like a piece of whole grain toast. This will set the day for success. At lunchtime keep it on the lighter side so you don’t crash mid-afternoon. Choose a lunch similar to what you you had for breakfast: protein, veggie, complex carbohydrate. Finally, make sure you have a pre-workout snack handy at your desk. You will want to eat something packed with carbs, but low in protein about 45 minutes before your workout. Planning your meals for the day will lead to success!


Get Yourself a Workout Buddy

The best way to motivate yourself to get fit or actually do your workout is with the help of another person. People tend to find it much harder to flake out on a friend. Instead of having an after-work cocktail hour, organize an after-hours workout session, and let your friends and coworkers help you achieve your fitness goals.


Don’t Expect Too Much

Some days are just tough, and working out will be hard on your stressed and tired brain. If you just promise yourself a little bit of a workout, your mind will be more amenable to the situation, making it easier to follow through. Give yourself a break on the extra tough days, and don’t expect a full hard-hitting workout.


Make It Part of Your Routine

The sooner you can embed a workout as part of your daily routine, the easier it will be to actually do it.   Just remember, how easy it is to fall out of the habit, so once it is a part of the routine, protect that time!


At Body Innovation we want to help you motivate yourself to a happier, healthier lifestyle! Feel free to ask us for more tips and tricks so that you can get achieve your goals. Everyone has their very own special way of keeping themselves motivated.

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