So, my mind can be as healthy as my body?

Nutrition is about providing your body with the right fuels in order for it to remain healthy.  Good health is about a good balance between mind, body and soul.

It does not matter if you eat healthy, if you don’t exercise then your body won’t perform at its best.  It does not matter how fit you are, if you don’t eat right, all your hard work at the gym is a total waste.

Good health is just as important to success as spending time in the gym – they go hand in hand.

A healthy BALANCED diet supports EXERCISE!  A body that is refuelled with quality nutrition will be able to maintain, repair, build and work efficiently and effectively.

Stop with the FAD dieting, they do not work, they offer false hope, old eating habits will return, the weight will creep back on and you will feel like a failure.  One diet cannot fit all, we are all different and unique.

Listen to your body, choose wisely and find a balance.  Health is a lifestyle.

The time is now!

Karen Smed (Nutritionist)

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