Zoom Posture Screen

Relieve the symptom and solve the problem

Book a zoom posture screening test and get a 2nd one FREE (in real life) after the lockdown.

Get a Zoom posture screening test in the pricavy of your home after all;

Better posture leads to a better mood!

Neck aches are often the result of wear and tear, poor posture, and weak core muscles.

Whether you are standing, sitting or lying down, good posture will allow your muscles to function with maximum efficiency and least strain.

An incorrect posture will therefore increase the strain on muscles, bones and ligaments and may cause injury, pain and stiffness!

Maintaining your core strength, which depends on the strength of the muscles of your abdomen, back, and buttocks is important in preventing neck pain 

➡️ Once you strengthen your core muscles, everything falls into good alignment

➡️ It has an effect similar to adding a core-set to support your back!

Stay home, stay fit, stay healthy!

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Posture Screening

R300.00 R150.00

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